Bookkeeping Client Reviews

Pat was an excellent team member and colleague. She is detail-oriented, thorough, and business savvy. When you ask Pat to do something, she gets it done, no matter what. She loves a challenge and always manages to make whatever task she is asked to do a little better. She is great with people and her team at Loews Hotels at Universal Orlando loved her. I am sure she will do an excellent job.

Kelly Montgomery

Executive Director of Finance at Loews Hotels 10/14/2017

Highly recommend Pat, she is an absolute professional with an incredible wealth of knowledge. 

Cathy Stolfi

Retail Sales at SeaWorld Parks & Entertainment

"I help small business owners manage their books so they can manage their business. Do you really know what your financial reports are telling you? If not, you can be doing damage to your business instead of helping it grow. Lets grow your business together!"

Pat's-Paradise-Bookkeeping-growing-money client reviews

Pat's Paradise Bookkeeping is Fantastic

“I came across her when I had real problems at the end of the year. She took over my mess and organized it very quickly. She is very professional and very helpful. Once she took over, I could breathe easier, and getting ready for taxes was super easy. She worked really hard to have it all ready for end-of-year tax and every time I have a question she is ready to either answer or look for the answer immediately.

I did not have to worry about 1099s, bookkeeping, or Quickbooks. She knows her way through it and was happy to teach/show me how to deal with my query. All in all, she is an excellent worker and I would look no further when hiring someone to work for you!” QB ProadvisorPat is Fantastic!”